Terms and Conditions


1. Parents of new students should complete and sign the enrolment form and mail to colourfulkidsltd@gmail.com with the deposit and tuition fee payment enclosed.

第一次報讀的家長請填妥新生表格後,請電郵 (colourfulkidsltd@gmail.com) 或直接交予本中心。


2. Tuition fees are charged on a two-monthly basis, payable 7 days before the first day of the two-month term in which your child is attending classes.


3. Three types of Payment:

i) Cash,

ii) Cheques: Please make out cheques to "Colourful Kids Ltd" and write down your contact number and child’s name on the back.

iii) ATM: Hang Seng Bank #228-236-097-001, please fax or email the transaction advice to us.

三種繳費選擇 :

1.) 現金

2.) 轉帳: 恒生 #228-236-097-001, 請把收據傳真或電郵予本中心作查核之用。

3.) 支票: 枱頭請填 “COLOURFUL KIDS LTD”, 並於背面寫上聯絡電話和學童姓名。

4. It may be possible to re-arrange classes in advance for an existing enrolment depending upon availability.



** Attention: After we accept your child’s enrolment, we will prepare all the materials, teaching aids and number of teachers that we need as soon as possible. Therefore, please contact us for arrange the make-up class if your child will miss the class. No make-up class will be arranged for absence without prior notice .**

**注意: 當家長在本中心報名後,我們會盡快為學童預備該學期所需的材料、教具及導師的人數。假如貴子弟將需要缺席,請聯絡我們安排補堂。若本中心未曾接獲任何通知缺席課堂,恕不設補堂。**

5. Make-up classes cannot be accumulated to offset the tuition fees for the following term.


6. Make-up classes cannot be transferred to other programmes, e.g. : Christmas Workshops, New Year Workshops, Easter Workshops or Summer Camp.

所有補堂不能用作特別工作坊之用。如:聖誕節、 新年、復活節及暑期工作坊。

7. A maximum of two make-ups may be made per term, regardless of the reason for the make-ups. Make-up classes must be taken within the two month term and cannot be carried over to the next term. We cannot reschedule a missed or pre-arranged make-up class.



i) If student will skip the lesson for an extended period, please contact our centre 1 month prior to leave or as soon as possible.

ii) Should your child skip more than 3 lessons, a deposit equal to the cost of 4 classes also applies to hold their place in the class. Once reservation fees are paid no refund shall be made for any reason.

特殊情況 :

i) 如要暫停課堂,請在一個月前通知本中心以作安排。

ii) 若知缺席課堂多於三堂並要留位的話,請聯絡本中心作補堂及留位之安排, 留位需預繳四堂的費用。一經留位, 恕不能退回, 轉讓給其他學生或作特別工作坊之用。


8. Once fees are paid no refund shall be made for any reason, except classes cancelled by our centre. Fees paid cannot be transferred to another student or to a later date.



No classes on Public Holidays and Sunday.